Google’s New Inbox by Gmail : Awesome Mail App

In this post we’ll cover
1. What is Inbox?
2. What can Inbox Do for you??
3. Key Features of Inbox!!

Google Launched its powerful and efficient Inbox app. It’s meant to change the way we read email, and it may be the first step in replacing their own Gmail. Currently.
  Inbox By Gmail Is Only available by invite only. Please See at last of post
Although Google still plans to develop new features for Gmail in the short term, “Inbox is meant to be your email system for the next decade.”
Many People think this is just a waste from Google From Gmail But My Friend this is not just the end in features of The New Inbox From Google.
  • Let’s See What Inbox Has : Video ( 1 min)

By Watching this video you’ve better come to know about this revolutionary App. The all new Inbox is meant to help people sort through the clutter of too many email messages by featuring what’s important and grouping together not just emails in the same thread, but emails about similar topics. This is done by the use of three features: #Bundles, #Highlights, and the trio of #Reminders, #Assists, #Snooze, & #Pinning.
  • What Actually Inbox can do for you??
1. Add Reminders
Snoozing an email to remind you about it later only brings the message up when you need it. Reminders, however, allow you to make notes to your future self.

2. Snoozing up of emails and reminders
You may need an email but not necessarily right now. Inbox allows you to snooze it so it disappears from your inbox and comes back at a later time. You can specifiy a specific time, like tomorrow or same day time.

3. See Highlights Instantly
The Highlights feature will add at-a-glance information to the email list, so you don’t have to look through each message for a specific attachment. If the attachment is a photo or video, you will see a thumbnail to help identify it.

4. Bundling Up of Emails
Putting together reminders, emails, and the extra information cards Inbox adds can make it difficult to parse information. That’s where Bundles come in. Bundles group related emails together in your inbox.

  • Key Features Of Inbox By Gmail!!
1. Bundling
These are very similar to the current tabs in Gmail, except now there are more categories. However, instead of seeing new messages in your inbox from multiple bundles — as you would with the Unread first setting for Gmail categories
2. Pinning (Thumbtack Icon) 
This is an upgraded version of Gmail’s star markings. Pinning will keep the message at the top of your inbox, regardless of the category it belongs in.
3. Snoozing
You can have Inbox remind you at a preset time, specific time or even a location, about taking action on an email. To quickly use this feature, swipe left across a message.
4. Sweeping
You can Sweep the Email/Reminder by swiping it to left. You can also select Multiple and swipe all. The Swiped One’s go into the Done Tab.
5. Compose Menu
When you press the button, recent contacts and actions will appear. This is just one more way Google wants to help you handle email efficiently. Recent Contacts and new email will Appear.
According to Google, Inbox isn’t meant to replace Gmail, but instead offer an alternative way to deal with your messages. 

Well the Awesome Post comes to an end. But Wait  How You’ll Get Inbox By Gmail
There are two steps for getting the All New Inbox

  • You Have to ask your friend who already has The Inbox
  • Or you have to send an email to

Probably you’ll get an invite in a week

Thank You for Reading

What do you think? Will this replace the Gmail app on your device and in your Web browser? Or will you continue to use Gmail proper? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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