• What is an App????

Apps Are Today’s Websites

Apps are today’s web sites, and they’re portable! Consumers spend more time on their phones than on computers these days. You need a mobile App to reach them, and they need YOU in the palm of their hands.
Don’t make them search the Internet for you
App is an important base for your Business whether it’s small, medium or large. App are an easy way to communicate with your websites without having search for anything on search engines. App provides an easy way to communicate with your audience/visitors. Make them easy to go through, what your websites says about it.

In this world of Modern Technology (Smart phones, Tablets, Laptops, etc.), Almost 60-65% of people have their own Smartphone, and like to serve some time to it, Gathering Information, Playing Games, And everything else, You’re better known to it yourself.

Of that Percentage About 40-50% is youth, which is itself a bigger figure, own their personal Smartphone. These people take the advantage of modern technology while sitting on their home having a cup of coffee. I’ve come to another topic while discussing about app, so let’s come back to building an app for your business.

According to A survey conducted in year 2013, about 70% of a company gets its sales from a Mobile App.
You are also familiar with the companies like Amazon.com, Alibaba.com, Ebay.com, and many more of them you’re familiar with in your country. These Big Companies Spend a Big Percentage of their Revenue Generated on their Mobile App, Making It more Realistic, Designing, Making User Interface better and better, Regular Updates, etc.

So now by reading this you’ve come to know what a Mobile App is and what a Mobile App can do. Let’s Discus, How to Build a Mobile App.

  • Should you make an iPhone app, an Android app, or both?

Android and iPhone/iPad use different languages so most people usually choose to develop one at the beginning to keep costs down. If you want to make money,  for now choose the iPhone/iPad. From my experience, it’s more difficult to get downloads and revenue from an Android app. Learn more about How to Make an iPhone App. But if you think Android suits your market demographic better, choose Android development.

  • How to Build a Powerful App for Your Business.

This is the most hard and very expensive to do work for a business. Because you are the owner of your business, it would not be an easy work for you to maintain both at a time, In this case you’ve to appoint a Person or include a person in your business who can build an App for you, can regularly keep your App regularly being updated with your website. This method is very expensive for you.

  • Best Websites To build An App

1. Como

Como makes it easier than ever before for small businesses to create apps for engaging customers, building loyalty, and succeeding in today’s increasingly mobile business environment. Its user-friendly platform simplifies app creation, while allowing publishers to build unique, feature-filled apps. With a commitment to meeting the needs of today’s small businesses, the Como app maker offers a variety of e-commerce solutions and other monetization options designed to raise profits.
Como App Gallery
App creator for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, and HTML5
Audio content, videos, photos, and RSS feeds
User forms
Push notifications
Customer reviews via Yelp, Citysearch, and OpenTable
E-commerce via Selling on Amazon and other services
Built-in calling and email functions
Marketing and promotional tools
Coupons & loyalty cards

Como’s Basic (free) plan includes up to five downloads of the publisher’s app and up to 50 monthly visits to the publisher’s mobile website.
Como’s premium plans, which start at $33 per month or a one-time payment of $1499, include unlimited downloads of the publisher’s app and visits to the publisher’s mobile website.

Premium plans also offer app submission services to the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore, as well as the ability to send push notifications.

2. MobileRoadie

Mobile Roadie is one of the most popular self-service app-creation tools available to businesses. Using Mobile Roadie, businesses can create robust apps with advanced features, such as geotargeted push notifications for relevant and individualized messages, location maps to see where users are and to filter engagement, in-app activity points and rewards, mobile marketing tools, news updates, a fan wall with threaded posts, and chat options

features include photo uploads or galleries via Flickr, Twitter pic, Facebook and Instagram ; video integration from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and similar websites; and audio importing from iTunes, SoundCloud and other services that allow users to buy music directly from the app. Businesses can also create Quick Response (QR) codes that, when scanned, can link to or unlock additional content.
Mobile Roadie’s advanced analytics feature also reveals important customer data, such as what users are viewing, sharing and buying on the app, as well as their app sessions and demographics.

Mobile Roadie starts at $125 a month with restricted features and unlimited downloads, or $667 a month for unlimited features, a mobile Web app and other premium add-ons.

10 Other Popular App Makers:-
1. BuildFire
2. Taplytics
3. AppsBar
4. AppyPie
5. EachScape
6. AppMakr
7. AppMachine
8. BiznessApps
9. AppsMe
10. AppFactory



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