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How to , tips and tricks to Start online store easily.
How to engage your customers.
But do you know starting an online store with a website & enlisting some products on your store is not enough in this competitive market. It is not easy to sustain in the marketplace where there are already the “Big Stores” like Amazon, E-Bay, Ali Baba, etc. have the bigger share of market, hence creating a monopoly which results in unequal opportunity for “Small Business” to grow in the market. These big marketplaces spend great online advertising credits and other online materils to generate more sales.

  • What Are Giveaways????

Giveaways can be an easy way to gain short term traffic in a short amount of time. The key words there, in case you missed them, are “short term”. Giveaways tend to generate interest to a large number of people, but you do need to keep in mind that a lot of people will just stop by for the free goods and then be on their way. That is not to say that you won’t gain some new followers or readers, but you should always keep this in mind beforehand because it can help you tweak your giveaway to try to appeal to a larger audience who may just end up sticking around. Holding a contest can be a great way to attract people to your site who may not have known about you before, and that is always welcome!

  • What is the purpose Of The Giveaway????

Determine the purpose of the giveaway.
1. Do you want to get more Facebook/Twitter/GooglePLUS Followers and likes. This is the purpose of Anyone starting online business.
2. Do you want more email subscribers to engage them to your website/Store or Send them Promotions Emails.

  • What Prize To be given away????
Obviously the prize is the most important part! It is going to be what attracts visitors to your site and encourages them to enter your beautiful Giveaway. First and foremost thought, make sure your prize reflects your blog and your readership. What can you give away that will interest your readers and won’t stray from your blog’s content? If you were to give away a power tool on a cooking blog, it just wouldn’t make sense and would confuse your readers.
  • What To Decide To run a Giveaway????

After careful thought, you’ve decided that yes, you will have a contest or giveaway. You have reasonable expectations on the end result, and believe it is worth going ahead. There are a few things you must remember:
Make it easy. Your contest, unless you’re giving away a jumbo jet or a car, shouldn’t involve too much to enter. Figure out a way to make entering as easy as possible while still keeping your own needs in mind. e.g. if the contest is to build your mailing list, simply signing up for the mailing list might be enough. Have as few hoops to jump through as possible.

Make it limited. Make it urgent. You don’t want a deadline that is so soon that it seems no one can win (unless you’re Amazon.com on Black Friday), but you do want a sense of urgency. If your contest is running for two months, no one feels the pressure to decide. Exclusivity and time pressure encourage people to enter quickly, or miss out.
Make the rules clear. Be very clear about the rules of participation, and whether it is a contest, giveaway, or sweepstakes. Adhere to legal requirements. Don’t give anyone the chance to say that you were deceptive, and don’t end up in legal trouble.
Spread the news. Let your fans and followers know every day, but don’t get so carried away that they’re annoyed. Once a day is enough. Consider promoting it as an event; use Google+ and Facebook (as long as you comply with their guidelines) for your event and come up with creative ways to use the events features.
Use helpful tools. Many people use a tool like Rafflecopter to run their contests. Sometimes they post outside of their social networks to sites like Blog Giveaways or similar sites that list blog contests. Find other bloggers that might be interested in mentioning your contest on their site, or sites that fit your niche

  • How To Promote Your Giveaways????

Once you’ve published your giveaway, you can’t just expect people to find it, so you’ll need to promote it! Start with your own social networks. Make an announcement that will draw in visitors. It has to appeal to them! Why should they visit your giveaway? Create a nice vertical image announcing your contest and Pin it on Pinterest.  When you can, using hashtags like #giveaway or #win can prove effective. Schedule a couple social media posts for the future so that you can continue to get the word out at specific times.

  • Best Free Websites to create Your Beautiful Giveaway.

1. Compezy

2. RaffleCopter

3. Giveaway Tools

4. PromoSimple

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