#BlackFriday is Coming on 28th November, Everyone is Offering #ThanksGiving Discounts & Offers to their visitors. Here is one of the way by which you can also offer Your visitors some type of #ThanksGiving.
Great Sales and Great Engagement come through Discounts & Offers.
Here is also the same we are giving you #Tips & #Tricks to you.
Welcome your Visitors with these #FreeTools.

Welcome them with Special Discounts, Attract them to any Special News, or collect emails and more, Tell your visitors to Share the Content, or enev ask them to Follow you on #Facebook & #Twitter and #SocialMedia.

Also now Imagine one day, your blog/website links on to one of the Popular sites :-,, or any other site having a such a great popularity which also have too many traffic. And you’ve suddenly start getting Large traffic to your blog. How great would be that. Most of the visitors just visit your blog/website and leaves up, but some might visit your other pages and some even can Subscribe to your feed.

If there was a way to easily detect these new visitors and encourage them to do something useful, you could turn a lucky break into lasting value.
Look the pic below. How would it be great to have a tool like this one, that stings to your site and ask a visitor or attract them to do a certain task.
It welcomes your users by appearing at the top of your site and asking them to perform a single action—to share this content on their favorite site, to follow you on your social network of choice, or to visit another page.
It can also collect emails( see above pic), Get your visitors see some great news, or even show up a offer.
You can use welcome bar  also to make your visitors follow you on twitter,facebook,google plus or any other social network It allows your readers to share blog posts if they find helpful with their facebook,twitter friends –So let’s get started Getting you this Awesome & Powerful Welcome Bar

1. AddThis

AddThis, the company that makes the social-sharing buttons embedded on millions of Web pages, released some new plugins. One is a “welcome bar” that greets visitors to your site who come from certain social networks or other websites. You can ask users referred by Twitter to follow you, or those from Facebook to share the page with their friends. The words, appearance and button action are completely customizable. The company also launched new widgets for “follow us” links and for listing the most-shared content on your site.
This is the Free tool available online. AddThis has 1.3 billion users across our network of millions of sites to customize your calls to action to achieve specific goals–like getting your content shared, increasing your follow count, increasing sales, and more.

How To get AddThis Welcome Bar For yourWebsite/Blog??
STEP:1- Go to
STEP:2- Click on Welcome Bar.STEP:4- SignUp/Login To Continue.

STEP:4- Get The Code and Customize it.

2. HelloBar

When people visit your website, they’re laser-focused on finding what they need. In most cases, they’re looking for something specific, but they’re willing to check out something else that grabs their attention too.

And that’s where Hello Bar comes in…It’s a nicely designed, full-width bar that spans across the top of your website—that helps you grab attention without being obnoxious.

Look Below Screenshot and see how Hello Bar works

This is the Free tool available online.

How To get Hello Bar For yourWebsite/Blog??
STEP:1- Go to

STEP:2- Enter your website/url in the space( as show above )

STEP:3- SignUp/Login and Customize as your need.

Step:4- Get The Code and paste in it in your javascript.

3. SumoMe

Blah blah blah emails. You know they are important but you have 10,000 things already going on in your day. Smart Bar is an easy and non-intrusive way to ask people to join your email list.
See The Smart Bar in action above at our website.
This is the Free tool available online.
How To get Smart Bar For yourWebsite/Blog??
STEP:1- Go to SumoMe
STEP:2- Click on Get App.
STEP:3- Then Copy The Given Code to Your JavaScript.
STE:4- Go to your website/blog, You will see a icon at top-left. Click on that icon and SignUp/Login. That’s it.

Well the Awesome Post comes to an end. But don’t go anywhere else. Share your Ideas Below. 

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