You may have heard that “How a Online Forum Community Helps a Buisness.

This Community Forum is a great way to increase sales, customer loyalty and also sometimes generates Word Of Mouth.  It’s a Free & one of the best method by which any Company/Website can Grow Online easily. 
Basically Forum Community are of 2 types :-
1. Commenting :- These can be anything, in a website/blog as a post commenting.
2. Online Forum :- We’re Discussing Below. What it is and how to. 

  • What is Community?? 

It is a common practice for companies and organizations to create a community website in order to manage their employees, partners and customers and target their area of interest in a stimulating and effective way. Most multimedia companies, artists, clubs or widely popular service providers maintain a community web site for their needs. 
  • What Can you do with a Community??

2. Gather Questions & Answers from your users using comments form.
3. Gather Information about, in which field your business has to Improve.
4. You can maintain constant contact with yourcustomers/members/fans through regular updates about upcoming events, news etc.
5. Get New Ideas on how to grow.
  • What to do when you start getting Response??
1. Keep Contributing 
 As the Owner of Business Keep Contributing to your Forum. But it will be hard for you to maintain it. However you can appoint a person who can do it for you.
2. Create Some Fake Personilities.

This may seem a little dishonest, but a little trick you can use to stimulate conversation is to create a few different member accounts each with their own personality.
3. Understand From the User
Understand from the user what he wants to say. Keep a knowledge at what he is willing to say and how.
4. Get some more Information from a user.
Gather some more information from the user what he thinks, like dislike about your website.
5. Get more Information About User.
Gather as much as Information About user. You can do it by Generating a Online Survey. 

  • How To Build Online Forum Community
The Best Websites to Create Online Forum Survey:-

BurnZone is passionate about bringing a better conversation to the web. Burnzonecompetitive commenting system encourages discussion, questions, and – most importantly – friendly competition. Features such as comment challenges, community questions, nesting comments, and the ever-changing point leader board make for a more devoted and better engaged online community.

Livefyre helps companies engage consumers through a combination of real-time conversation, social curation, content and advertising. Build and manage real-time social experiences around your content.
Forumotion provides free to create Online Forums. You’ve to just signup and create a forum using drag-n drop facility.
Very easy to create and also its very fast process.


4. Lefora

Lefora offers ad supported free forum hosting. We run ads to help cover costs, but you also have the choice to pay for ad removal from your forum.
Not only does Lefora offer free forum hosting, there is nothing to download and nothing to setup. You just have to choose a name to start your discussion forum and we’ll do the rest.

5. Ning

Ning give you the tools and expertise to nurture and engage your own community on the largest, most scalable, and integrated social platform of its kind. Whether you’re building a new site, looking to integrate community into your existing site, or re-launching your current site, Ning can handle it.


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