Will Slideshows Makers Ever Rule the Internet?

Gone are the days when we make Slide Show with Microsoft PowerPoint. Having so much trouble in making the slideshows, uploading a picture, setting features, and many animations.
But Microsoft PowerPoint don’t provide you as much features to make your slideshow look Awesome and Different. Online Slideshow Making Websites take your slideshows to different heights.

Wish to share your memorable trips or events to your friends and family? Photo slideshow is always a great way to make your pictures look more interesting. You don’t need any advanced photo or video editing skills to create an excellent and professional looking slideshow. These websites will do the job for you. Simply upload your photos/videos, choose your favorite theme, and share the cool photo slideshow to anyone on the Internet.

Here are the Top Websites to create photo slideshow online with background music for free. All of them are web applications that do not require downloads or installations. Some of them have more advanced features such as animations, special effects, etc., which are suitable for those who are willing to spend more time and effort to make a slideshow that is highly customized and look awesome and powerful
  • Best Websites To Create Awesome Slideshows

morph hover effect
With SmileBox, slideshows go beyond mere memory-keeping to help you tell life’s stories and celebrate the people, events and memories you cherish. Engaging animation adds depth and dimension, conveying emotion and context and building up to reveal of your special photos. You can add songs from your own music library or ours, for a soundtrack that captures the spirit of your moments.
You can be the memory-keeper who transforms photos into keepsakes that friends and family treasure. Tell any story you want. Diverse collection of slideshow styles and themes lets you find the perfect showcase for any occasion–birthday, holiday, or any day.

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Photo sharing made easy
PhotoSnack is probably the best free slideshow maker and an incredibly easy app you can use to make slideshows with music. Choose PhotoSnack to share the important moments in your life with friends and family.
Photo albums and online portfolios for photographers
If you’re a professional photographer, PhotoSnack is perfect for you, because it helps you create elegant slideshows to showcase your art. PhotoSnack photo portfolios can be easily shared on social media or embedded in websites. Let the world see the beauty of your creations!
Responsive sliders for websites
PhotoSnack lets you make HTML5 slideshows that are fully compatible with mobile devices. Start from a responsive slideshow template and create a widget that can be easily embedded in websites and blogs.
Slide.ly is a fun and social way to create slideshow videos and share them to your friends and family instantly on social websites. Add photos from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, or Google images. Then, select music from Slide.ly’s huge collection of playlists, Youtube, or upload your own music. After that, you can add special effects into the video to make it look more professional.
Finally, publish the slideshow video and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, and more! Besides, your video is visible to all Slide.ly users, which people can like, share, and comment on your video.

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Animoto has been featured in several top news websites and blogs such as PCMag, The New York Times, CNN, etc.  It auto-generates cool slideshow videos from your photos and images with just few simple steps: Insert photos & videos, Customize your style, and Watch & share the awesomeness of the video. How awesome it is?
However, do note that free users are only allow to create videos up to 30 seconds with limited video styles and music tracks. 

With PhotoPeach you can create a rich slideshow in seconds to engage your friends or family. Also  with support background music, captions, and comments so you can elaborate on your story further.
You have heard again and again: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but what if you could add a thousand words to your photos, and some music? We think the whole slideshow is greater than the sum of the photos, words, and music.

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Evver combines music with your images to create videos for sharing in a few, short minutes. Our professionally-curated music selection provides beat matching with each photo for one-of-a-kind personal videos. Users build a library of videos in their personal account, like chapters of your life, that over time tell a bigger story. The entire process takes just minutes.

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