Let your Website/Blog rock with the bundle of Awesome featured Widgets.

Today there are more than 60 millions registered Websites and of that more than 20 Million Websites are Blogs and Review Websites.
Don’t you want Your website rock and be shared among people by your visitors.

Here at getsitecontrol.com you can place above mentioned Widgets with just a ease of code. When you signup at getsitecontrol you’ll get a code to paste in your HTML. That’s it. All Done. Then you are no need to Have any type of confusing Javascript.

  • Features

1. Complete widget toolkit
Create and manage surveys, follow and share, contact forms, opt-in forms, promo notifications, widgets easily from a single dashboard.
2. Customization
Customize widgets according to your need. Size, Color or any type of Appearance that satisfies you. 

3. Behavior settings
Full control over the widget’s behavior – choose when to display and stop to display the widgets and how often your site visitors should see it or even set queries whenever and according to a user clicks.
4. One-Time Installation
You need to only put the code once in your website HTML. And forget everything else, getsitecontrol will do the rest. You just create the widgets according to your need.
5. Mobile responsive
No further worries because the Widgets that you’ll create will work everywhere whether its Desktop, SmartPhone or Tablet.

6. Analytics
You can download the specific Analytics for particular widgets and have a view on your widget’s performance

  • Some Examples of Awesome Widgets

1. Promo Widget

Tell, ask your visitors to do a certain action

The Promo widget here comes the best whenever you need to show a news or alert, promote a new product, draw your visitor’s attention to the most important content.

2. Contact Widget

Communicate with your visitors

Chat, or get in touch with your visitors, or customers and help them solve their problem. You can ask questions or even inquire from them what is their query.

3. Subscribe Widget

Get more Email Subscribers

The Subscribe widget helps you get more email subscribers. Maintaining contact with your customers is one of the most important task for a company, and newsletters are an effective way to do so. And Send newsletters later on.

4. Survey Widget

Learn where you can Improve

Ask from customer/visitors how can you improve and in what way. This can help your company website to grow. Get instant features from the visitors about new products or services, how they are.

  • Plans & Pricing

There are three plan included:-
FREE – You can use upto 1 site. Contains all Widgets but with less Customization.

PLUS – You can use upto 3 sites. Contains all widgets and all Customization, but has Branding.

PRO – You can use upto 5 sites. Contains all the above features with remove Branding feature.

Free option can be a good option for you if you are using as a small or personal one. As all the widgets are inclusive in FREE plan.

So what are you waiting for Sign up now on getsitecontrol.com


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