People start blogging to earn money from it, via affiliate marketing, via adspace selling, and sponsored content. But the major thing that affects your earning is Google AdSense.


Google AdSense is one of the most popular and highly payable CPC rate Advertiser Network.

Before applying for the Google AdSense account Approval, Follow some of the simple Tips to get Google Adsense Approved in 5 Minutes.

I have distinguished the Tips in “%” so that you can focus on the particular points to increase the chances of getting account approved.

1. Write Quality Content:- (20%)

Writing Quality Content can be good for you getting Google AdSense Account get approved easily and quickly. Choose the topics that are in trend, search on internet or use Google Alert. This will majorly increase your chances of getting your AdSense account approval over fast. Also writing good quality content will get you good amount of traffic and visitors on your site. Hence in both case ” Writing Good Quality Content” will help you grow your blog.

2. Make Post SEO friendly:- (18%)

Make your posts and site Search Engine Optimized Special Google. It will directly help you in getting your Google Adsense Account Approved easily. Google uses a Technology called GoogleBot which regularly checks for the fresh content and display it on Google, this make enables your Site to be search engine friendly. You can also use Yoast Plugin For WordPress which gives you tips on getting your Site Search Engine Friendly. Search Engine Optimized sites or posts gets the more chances of getting appeared in the Google Search and helps you in getting your Google AdSense account Approved easily and quickly.

3. Write Posts Regularly:- (22%)

Writing Posts regularly increases the chances of GoogleBot to regularly visit your site and make it available online at google search. The recommended is Writing Posts daily on your Blog. This increases your chances of getting your account approved quickly.

4. Don’t copy Content:- (15%)

As mentioned above, Google uses a Technology called “GoogleBot”. It regularly visits every site on daily or weekly basis and search for the fresh content. If the Google Bot finds any of the copied content on your site it blocks the post to be appeared in the Google Search. This is highly Prohibited Activity, however most of the newbies who start blog, copy the content from the internet and post it on their site. Please Stop this practice if you want to get your google account approved.

5. Design Your Website/Blog:- (10%)

Design your website/blog in a very good manner and make it look very creative. This will help you get the required space for placing the ads if your account get approved. For more customization use a ad friendly template for your blog. Make the titles size and property relevant and good to read. Also don’t have blushing or shining colors, because it can distract the visitors and result in bouncing visitors( the single page visits).

6. Don’t have Google AdSense Prohibited Content:- (10%)

Google does not approve the content that are illegal or belongs to pornography category. So please before applying for the Google AdSense account check that don’thave content eo the Prohibited Categories like Gambling, Pornography, and alike that.

7. Good Alexa Ranking:- (5%)

This is not a major factor that affect your google account approval, but the site that have good Alexa ranking, are the site that have traffic coming from the Search Engines and good content and good user engagement. 

If your site meets the requirement of above tips, then Your site will be approved in 5-20 minutes of submission of the account.



Google Certified Marketer, Professional Blogger Brand Ambassador @ Hootsuite & Truecaller.

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