Recently I shared up a good and awesome creative WordPress plugin CSSHero by which you can easily customize the themes and make them look beautiful as you desire.

But today I’m going to show you this awesome plugin or tool which will never let you confuse of the JAVA or HTML codes.
Rather it’ll do it by its own and you just have to customize and hit publish button to see the magic. It’ll be love on your own site.
Doesn’t that sounds awesome. Yes it is.


If you’ve ever tried to manually paste a code snippet like Google Analytics tracking code to your website by digging into editing template files, you’ll know how ridiculous it is. This is just like a calamity or a big disaster. makes it as simple as dragging and dropping. At least, that’s the promise.
What makes Filament really look fabulous from others
Filament contains a set of features that are not only unique but also look awesome and #BeingCreative.
The thing that make the app unique from others is Easy Customization and Drag n Drop.
The apps here are very unique and are not available with any of competitors.
This makes it different from others.


The main focus here is more use engagement and sharing.


Get your content shared more, with beautiful, customizable sharing buttons, insights and analytics.
The flare is an app which enables a website owner to  display sharing tool on their own website. Have building up of more sharing and use engagement. There are both desktop and mobile versions for the app. The Sliding and floating function make it look #Creative.
Designed to:-
1. increase the sharing of your content across social networks, and
2. build a community of audience who follow your brand and content.


Beautifully display all your online profiles in a tiny, engaging badge on your website. Tanning the credits of the work with your #SocialMedia profile links.
Passport is an interesting way to highlight all of your personal social profile make sense to your content and let users realize who wrote it.
Designed to:-
1. Impress the visitors.
2. Showoff and taking credits of what you shared up.


This is awesome new way to share on her website love without losing the your website.

People use the particular text or line or paragraph that they liked in the article. The have to just select the date and share. Just like my #ShareTheAwesomeness.

Designed to:-
1. Click and Share
2. Instant sharing and get engagement.


Deploy any code into the website love.

Of you feel the problem of getting confused between codes or you don’t know where to copy paste the code. This to will help you. Just paste the coffee and easily deploy the code into the website or blog.

Designed to:-
1. Deeply the code easily into the HTML
2. Place the code (widget) anywhere you want.

Other Apps:-


Mailchinp is an essential online tool that can help you manage subscribers and help you send newsletters to your subscribers.
You can drag and drop the subscribe widget anywhere on the site live.

Google Analytics:-

Google analytics is also an essential tool that’ll help you keep track of the users (where they come from, what they do on your site, etc).
You just drag and drop the Google analytics app and keep track of your website engagement.

Insights (Beta):-

This is the best free app that i liked very much. You can get your engagement score of the people visits and get all thing about your site engagement. What people share m shared and what is the bounce %, etc.
The app is currently available as beta access and not to the public. You can sign up and access the beta version.


Participate in the #Awesome #Giveaway and Get a Chance to Get this tool for Free.
Participating in the Giveaway is really simple.

Just comment below with “I want to win….”Rules:-

This contest will end on 28th February and winner will be announced on 1st March. 

Winner will be picked on the basis of the activity and they answer in the comment section. Contest Prize: 3 Licenses of (Each worth $59)

Wish you luck and watch out for more giveaways in coming days.

Getting Started:-

Now it’s the time to get started to access to this awesome and creative online tool. You are just two minute away from this cool tool.
Step:1- sign up at
Step:2- Get the Code and copy it before </body> of the in the website code.
(NOTE:- if you are using WordPress then please download the plugin and install and follow below steps.)
Step:3 – After getting connected to your site, you can now create above mentioned apps, customize them and see the position of the apps & In the end Hit Publish and See The Magic.


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