Do you want to know who visits your site, From which country, city or the area of the world.

Here is the awesome trick to help you find the stuff.

This post also gives you Confirmation that Google Analytics Code have successfully been implemented in your site.

Vistors on the website or blog Currently
Visitors Currently on your Website

This is the best technique to know who is on your website, what he do, what he clicks, where he is from and many more…

Getting Started:-

  • Note:- You must have a Google Account
  • Assumption have been taken that you have previously added the site to account.
    visitors from specific countries
    country wise visitors
  1. Go to this Link
  2. Sign in with your Google Account.
  3. Go to the “Admin” Tab present at the top.
  4. Select the property, and click “Tracking Info” and then “Tracking Code”.
  5. Copy the Tracking Code and Paste the code in your Website Template.
  6. Its Done Now. Now you are free to track the visitors, who is on your website, what he do, what he clicks, where he is from and many more…

Isn’t that easy. 🙂

How to Track:-

  1. Go to Google Analytics Account again.
  2. Select the Website that you want to track and Click “All Website Data”.
  3. Select the Real-Time tab in the left of screen and click “Overview”.
    Visitors Currently on Website or Blog
    Currently on Website
  4. That’s it. Very Simple. Now you can view Location of the Visitors, Traffic Sources, Content, Event and even Conversions.

Now that you have account with Google Analytics and you can track visitors, this also confirms that your Google Analytics Code has been successfully implemented in your Site.

In advance to it, You can also track Like “Show only Mobile Visitors”, or “Show only Desktop Visitors”, “Visitors from -Browser only” and more Customization also



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