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Today i am going to open the secret to the world that “How I grow my Email Subscribers by 800% in just 1 MONTH”If you are running a business, It is critical for your success to look into all your sales and find ways to increase them if possible in a while.

The main problem that arises with a blog, or a business or an E-Commerce Store is Collecting Emails.

Here I am Helping you to collect emails in a very easy method. I call it EmailLecting.

Marketing is all about creativity and getting the edge over your competing counter parts. In a campaign your first decision is how to connect with your site visitor,  You have to create a design that installs confidence whilst conveying a message that engages the site visitor to your chosen call to action.  The design phase is just the beginning.  It is the time when your ideas leave the paper they were written on and become a reality that will make or break your campaign and rock the world.

People visit your site and leave without any sale or conversion. But it’s time to Collect emails, Distribute coupons, Display amazing news or anything you want with your visitors.

There is only one thing more important than driving as much traffic as possible to an eCommerce store: converting visitors into shoppers.You might have used up these strategies to grow your sales:-1. Offer discounts – starting at with 10% discount. Send it via email or banner. How about a popup saying like “hello buddy. Love this product, get 10% discount on it. Enjoy !”2. Sending Newsletter – you might have used this type of self promotion, sending emails to subscribers telling them about offers and discounts. But how can you gather Subscribers? How about a popup like this saying “Hey Buddy. Sign up to our newsletter & get 50% discount.”

3. Sharing up Amazing News – anything awesome about your Website to your visitors via a email or a banner. How about a popup that displays your news and with a custom message or a reward for sharing up.

My Research

I in the early days of starting blogging and managing to get some amount from it while blog posting. I started researching about making money online. The one I got is Sending Newsletters and earning through affiliate marketing. Although this was very hard to get onto, but I manage to get started.

But the main problem was getting email subscribers to which i had to send the newsletters.
I researched and found WisePops.


The best pop-up builder of internet


Amazing Pop-Ups In Just A Few Clicks
 WisePops makes it very easy to create beautiful pop-ups that will meet your website or business unique design & identity: just drag’n’drop blocks, customize size, fonts or colors and save! And if you are a HTML Hero you can get more of it by customizing it as you like

Advanced Targeting For Higher Leads
 WisePops enables you to set exactly where, when and how the pop-up will be displayed on your online store or online shop or your website or even your blog (e.g. new visitor coming from Facebook, repeat visitor leaving your site, mobile visitors, and much more etc.). You can then easily track conversions for each campaign.

Empowers All Your Website/Ecommerce Campaigns
In addition to helping you get (tons of) new email subscribers, WisePops is your daily tool for all the marketing campaigns of your shop (new arrival, new promotion, fanpage, etc.). Whenever you need to promote something, create a pop-up and feature it to your visitors in minutes! and show-off to the world about what are you willing to say.

Easy Building : Drag’n drop builder
exit pop-up, side pop-up, sync with Mailchimp (with or without double opt-in), mobile friendly, CSS custom, targeted display, Google Analytics integration, and more.

Getting Started with WisePops

Head over to WisePops, You can sign up with a Trial Account of 14 Days to try out it or you can purchase the Premium Account for more Features. Input the details to start using the wisepops.
On the following screen, you’ll find a dashboard for your account where you can create new pop-ups with just few clicks.
Now just Hit, Create a new WisePop to create your very own new popup to collect emails very fast. Start with examples (like below) or start with new template.
Here with an example I have taken Newsletter template
Now its time for customizing and designing the template and making better and better as you like.
You can add your own image, change background color, border, size and even if you know CSS, you can customize it too with your own skills. Now after all the customization, Hit Save and its time for action. Go to Dashboard, click on “Get Embedded Code”. Copy the code and paste the code just before </body> tag in your HTML.
All Done, Now keep Calm And Collect Emails. Here’s how it’ll look and keep collecting emails.
So what are you waiting for Start Collecting Emails now with Wisepops.

#Happy EmailLecting(Email-Collecting)



  1. Thanks Mohit for this great review, and glad you found WisePops 🙂 Let me know if you need anything, I&#39;ll be happy to help you get even more conversions!

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