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Hey are you only a  #Android or #IOS developer.

This is a review is from one of my favorite, Mohit Badaya
Many developer develop the apps on different platforms. But the major is Android and IOS platform.
Take an example of a developer and Blogger, Mohit Badaya who was good at IOS Development who developed an app previously. It got a good exposure on the IOS Platform, but he was thinking to take that app to #Android platform to increase the reach and grow more users. But the main problem was that he is a IOS Developer and not the Android one. Because both the platforms are different.
And another is he has to hire specific developers and let them develop the apps. But this is too expensive.
Eventually he discovered an online tool that helped him a lot.
This online tool let him to convert the IOS app to Android, and he is Very THANKFUL to that online tool.
Do you also want to know about that tool that can change your Life.

Hey DEVELOPERS, The “Grab Now” button below gives you Special Retreat.


Develop once, run anywherethis is the what MyAppConverter says.
MyAppConverter lets you convert your mobile apps to other platforms instantly and automatically.The app is too awesome. This awesome & Creative video will tell you about this awesome tool.

No SDK, no recoding, no new frameworks & no languages to learn, fully editable converted code. 

How exactly it works:-

You can watch the Below video where you can see how it really works on real applications here:
To the developer the process is simple, easy and fast.


No SDK to Download –

This awesome tool let’s you covert the apps automatically and Instantly. Like other, developing apps needs SDK to download each for IOS or Android or even Windows and other available platforms.
But here this robust tool let you convert the apps easily yet very fast.

No Runtime –

Your converted code is native with no embedded runtime for maximum performance. Maximum Performance is their high priority, and they doesn’t embed any code to the actual app code. But making it super in performance.

All Platforms –

Currently supporting only IOS to Android Platform Conversion, but soon for all, since the tool is new, its making each and every effort make it possible to bring for all the app conversions.

Peace of Mind(Privacy) –

This app doesn’t share your code to anyone hence keeping your privacy. Its a great factor that a user wants by an app, whether its any other app also, a user doesn’t want his privacy to be shared with any anonymous online.


Now you must have understood, how MOHIT BADAYA saved time as well as money to covert his apps with this robust tool. And to all the developers, who are only a specific developer, can enjoy this tool and be a ALL-IN-ONE DEVELOPER. The below “Grab Now” Button gives you access to the free 3 app conversions.
So what are you waiting for, be an ALL-IN-ONE DEVELOPER

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