You might be using Blogging Platforms like:- Blogger, Tumblr, Joomla,, and other available networks. 

Since the above are free Blogging Platforms , they Provide limited features only, and does not have much BandWidth to make your site easy to load and much more. No doubt Blogger is one of the Free & Easy to Manage Blogging Platform available online. But if you now want to take Blogging Seriously and make it your passion, then I Recommend you to use WordPress. Even I also started Blogging ( with Blogger, because of being Free, Easy to manage and easy to access.

Blogger alternatives
Blogging Platform

Why I don’t like Blogger?

  1. Poor SEO
  2. Less Control over Blog/Website
  3. Unprofessional Look
  4. Less range of available themes and template
  5. Less Support
  6. And many more

Why I switched from Blogger to WordPress:-

Using WordPress over the other Blogging Platforms is much better because:-

  • Better SEO – Wordpress uses much better platform and integration services and extensions which make it better and easy Optimization of its services and thus makes a wider reach to internet and people online. Search Optimization is the thing which is responsible for bringing Traffic and Visitors to your site. Also there are variety options like Plugins (Yoast Plugin, All in one SEO) and many more which helps the Optization better of the site.


  • Easy Customization:- WordPress has many wider options of editing and designing the pages or posts. Customization is a major point when it comes to designing and more. Unlike Blogger, WordPress provides Plugins that’ll help you customize the Blog & Website.


  • Faster Loading:- The Blogger and Blogging Platforms provides their own low powered servers and since they are free, large no of website are hosted at their servers which makes them slow. But here at wordpress you use your own Servers which you purchased from any hosting provider and is good because you better select that as your choice.


  • Making More Money Online:- Most of the People start their blogs and think they’ll make vast amount of money from it through affiliate marketing and product reviews or selling of online services. But since Blogger doesn’t provide much services to end with, I recommend you use WordPress. It has Plugins or extensions like SkimLinks and VigLinks which will automatically insert affiliate marketing Links in the posts and make you money from it. You can also use your own product banners, upload it and generate income from it.


  • Plugins that’ll make your work easier:- WordPress has more than 20lakh plugins designs day developers and website to help make work easier. These Plugins are very easy to load and install. You simply need to download and upload to your site or directly install from The most Popular and Recommend Plugins are Yoast Plugin, W3 Super Cache, BuddyPress and many more. You can find more no of plugins at wordpress plugins at wordpress official site.


  • Support:- WordPress has robust technology of support system. People post their questions and queries over forum and get their problems solved. The support is super awesome, you can also email a request at wordpress support email and get your problem solved. The Blogger which is a Google service doesn’t provide any support and only provide the feedback service which is not good for a blogger.


  • Super Awesome Designs:- Blogger has limited no of designer themes the templates available to use whereas the WordPress has more templates and themes available to use for your website or blogs. Its much better and more of it, you can easily customize the themes as per your requirements with help of plugins.

So you are now aware of why WordPress is better than Blogger.

Just Upgrade to it.

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