Everyone on the Internet Needs a Good Alexa Ranking whether a Blog or a Business Website. But do you know What is the best way to Increase Alexa Ranking? Today I am Going to reveal the secret, that I switched up recently in order to Increase my Alexa Ranking.

This will Definitely Increase your website Ranking. You can check out this article for more Information on “How Important Alexa Ranking is?”

Best Way to Increase your Website/Blog Alexa - BloggerPlay.com
Best Way to Increase your Website/Blog Alexa

What do Alexa Ranking Depend Upon?

1. Average Load Time(40%)

2. Sites Linking In(10%)

3. Search Analytics Keywords(10%)

4. Site Traffic

Today in this Guide, I’ll be starting with the 1. Average Load or Speed Time of Website to make the Guide Awesome and useful. The Images and Other Media we upload, takes up some part of our website size, and this affects the page loading a lot. You can check out the below link for more info. In my case You can see the below Image for my Google Speed Insights, It’s saying, there is a need for Optimizing the Images as this is affecting my page speed by 83% and if this Optimization is followed by you, then this a Victory for you and your Site and will Result in Increase Alexa Ranking.

My Google Speed Insights

You can check up your website speed at Google Speed Test. Google also Recommend Optimizing your Images for better Speed and Google Indexes.

Getting Started

As I said above, Increasing up of Alexa Ranking mainly Depends upon your Site Traffic and Average Load Speed. So today we’ll be talking about “How to Increase Your Website Speed. This will not only help you to Speed up your website but also help you to save your Disk Space which also results in Helping your site speeding up. This is simply, The hosting up of Media on other resource sites.

Using Image Optimizing Tools

You can also use some of the online and offline tools that help you to Optimize your images without Loosing Quality. But this will only Optimize the Size but will Fill up some space. This works as an alternative to Below way.

Using Resources Sites (Recommended)

Requirement – 1. Blogger Account or any Free Resource site that enables you to upload media. You can also use Facebook, Twitter or any kind of Social Networking Site or anything like that. Here I am Using Blogger as a Resource Site for hosting your Media Content, But for all other Resource Sites the steps below follows same as for blogger.

Step 1 :- Go to Blogger Account. Sign up or Login if You have.

Step 2 :- Create a Blog, and Go to Posts. Click “Create a New Post”.

Step 3 :- Click “Insert Image Icon” at the above toolbar. Click “Choose Files” and Choose any file from your Device and Click “Upload”.

Step 4 :- After Uploading, Add the File to Blogger Post, Now Click on the Image and click “Edit Link”.

Step 5 :- A New Dialog box will appear with a Link to the uploaded Image. Copy the Image URL.

Step 6 :- Go to your WordPress Website and then move to the post you want to add the Image.

Step 7 :- Click “Add Media” and Select “Insert Image” from the Left Sidebar. See Below Image.

Inserting Image to WordPress

Step 8 :- Now Paste your URL on the space provided and click add.


Congratulations! You have Saved a Bit of Website Space. Do Follow the above Steps, for saving more space. Isn’t that Simple.

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