How tough is it to find a right Business Management Tool for Company? For me, it was a very tough call. As I had limited resources like Money and time and don’t want to try any of the unknown Business Management Tool and of course, my Hard Earned Money based on someone else suggestion. But I decided to do some research and take as much time to get onto the right Business Management Tool.

I narrowed down my selection to Zoho CRM, Basecamp, Bitrix24, asana. I completely removed Basecamp and Asana as they were very costly, though Bitrix comes with a Free Plan, but the Free Plan is just with some limited features. Zoho was a good option for me for a Project Management Tool, But I found a tool which was also a Project Management and more than it giving more features in Low Price.

Drinkle – Best Business Management Tool
Drinkle Review – An Awesome Business Management Tool

The right way to find a Best Business Management Tool is by having a look on its features and the important thing, is it better than its alternatives in Pricing Also. In my case, I use Drinkle an awesome Business Management Tool that helps you with a Project Management and moreover a Team Management Tool which is affordable and Easy to Use.

Drinkle is a simple yet effective business management tool, which has project management tool in it! with added more features to rock the Team Management and Business Management.

Manage Projects & Tasks with your Team

Drinkle provides a project management tool where you can create projects by adding them to Drinkle, then you can add the team members, add tasks, assign particular tasks to specific person and much more. It acts as a task scheduler where you can schedule tasks to your teammates, set due dates and much more.

Leads Management

How about a CRM Project Management in using with Business Management Tool, Drinkle also covers this. With CRM Software integrated into the tool you can add leads, their contact information and also the best thing what they are looking for? which directly makes tracking easier.

Stock Management

This is the best thing I loved about Drinkle, You can track you products that is in stock by just adding a product into the list and update when require changes.

Activity Boards

Do more with Activity Boards, its just like a Social Media where people share what they have done and other people like or comment on the activity, here at Drinkle. When an activity is completed, the team members can share the opinions, and discuss about it. This is just awesome.


Any important, or any specific issue in a Business Management tool is must, hence this Notes Feature also helps you clear this Problem, You can share any TO-DO or any Specific Note with other Users of your Management Tool.

More Customizations

You are Boss of everything then why not of this Business Management Tool. You have some beautiful customizations with this awesome tool, You can add or remove any inbuilt feature and the best thing, you can limit a user to use a specific thing. Like in a way, you don’t want a particular person from using “Notes” or “Contacts” Feature. This helps you maintain a good going Business Management Tool Serving.

Why Drinkle is Different from Others

In today’s market there are many project management tools, CRM tools, Stock management tools, Online note making, Online spread sheets etc. But if you are working in a business, for each of these tools, we need to create different accounts in each of them, pay for each of them, and similarly check for updates in each them and finally there is no connection in between them. This lead the founder to build this awesome tool.As i stated

Also, as I stated above, the tools which I decided to take a look before I came to know about Drinkle. Some of Tools like Basecamp, Asana, Zoho were just limited to certain features,

for example,

1. Basecamp only limits to Project Management whereas Drinkle including Project Management is a Full Business Management Tool.

2. Asana & Bitrix24 are very expensive and also their interface is confusing whereas Drinkle is Easy To Use with plans starting just at $5.

Plans & Pricing Drinkle Review
Drinkle Overview & Pricing

Drinkle is awesome not because of its feature but also it’s pricing. Drinkle is FREE with upto 3 users, with NO limitations of any feature. If you want o add more users to your Management you can add with just $5 per user per month, or you can choose $30 per user per month.

Is Drinkle worth your Money?

I have tried to be fair and true with this review. And if all of this still sound like I’m promoting my heart out that’s just because of the love I have for Drinkle people, but I love the People who help other People by creating some awesome tools like Drinkle should be promoted to the world.

But yes I Think Drinkle Worth you Money because of Easy to use Interface, being Affordable, and much more for FREE.

Get Drinkle 100% discount for Readers.

Are you an existing Siteground user like me? I would love to know your review and feedback about their Business Management Tool quality. If you find this Drinkle review useful, do consider sharing it on Facebook and Google plus.


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  1. Meanu Normia Reply

    I am working as a content strategist in app development startup. We had experience basecamp, Asana and I am agree with your point about pricing of these tools which are extremely costly. We have subscribed for proofhub which is working great for us but I will recommend drinkle to my manager and give it a shot for sure

    • Hey, Thanks for your thoughts.

      I am happy to know that I can help you in choosing a Good & a Right Business Management Tool for your Startup.

      Drinkle is Very Good and I also recommend Drinkle to Everyone looking for a Affordable, Effective, and Simple Tool for your Business.

      Please feel free to share or ask anything, I’ll be happy to help you.

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