Reseller Hosting is getting popular with Bloggers and Entrepreneurs who are willing to make money. Not only its popular but also it’s easy to sell a website or a business plan of a hosting service. You can make good amount of money with Reseller Hosting. To getting started with Reseller Hosting, you just need a website with the hosting service and need a reseller plan with a Hosting Provider. People choose Hosting Providers like Godaddy, Bluehost, or any other depending upon their requirement and being cheap.
Make Money with Reseller Hosting

Today I am going to tell you some of the Reseller Hosting Providers that provide Reseller Hosting.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting wherein the Reseller has the ability to use his allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties and other customers. The reseller purchases the host’s services from the reseller hosting providers and then sells them to customers, possibly for a profit. A certain portion of hard drive space and bandwidth is allocated to the reseller account. The reseller may rent a dedicated server from a hosting company, or resell shared or VPS hosting services on his behalf.

Tips for Web Hosting Reseller Success

1. Choose a Great Hosting Company

If you want to set yourself up for success from the beginning of your Reseller Business, you need to choose a top hosting company to provide you with your reseller hosting. This will make a difference and will allow you to get the support you need as well as passing it on to your own hosting clients. This also enables you to be breath taking business, as it will automatically set on its own with the priority support that can also help you better with the Business because you may be a Beginner in this business. Take as much time as you require to understand the Make Money with Reseller Hosting business and to research all the choices and get a company that has a great reputation for providing top-notch hosting service.

2. Treat is like a Business not like a Partner Service

Probably the big mistake an individual make while making money online is, he/she doesn’t treat it like a business, rather they understand if its partner service. You have to put all your efforts and the best that you can do to take your New Business to heights.

3. Sell websites with Hosting

One of the best ways to get clients and market your web hosting reseller package is to build a website and sell it along with hosting. Many people want to buy websites that are already making money and if they buy the website, they are going to need hosting. Offering Free hosting for a month or two may give them a choice of 90% till they convert into a buyer. Start Individual Blog on all the websites so that it gets the regular traffic from the search engines.

4. Get Partners

This require both time and money, hence you should start finding a partner that can help you with finance and also you cannot give all the time the business, hence you require a team. Just look for certain people if your business gets popular and you start getting sales.

Best Reseller Hosting Services

1. Bluehost

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As I mentioned in my previous post “Best CDN Hosting Services“, Bluehost is the best and recommended Hosting provider. With over 3 million websites served by Bluehost, Bluehost remains at number 1 position for the WordPress Hosting and Reseller Hosting. With plans starting from $18.99 a month you get 40 GB Space, 800 GB Transfer and the best part you get unlimited websites.

Bluehost has partnered with Reseller Club to provide its customers with reseller hosting in affordable prices. You can signup with the promotional link to get more discounts.

2. Hostgator
Hostgator Reseller Hosting

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Starting with just $11.23 a month anyone can easily start a reseller hosting business with Hostgator in low investment. Hostgator says ” Hostgator plans are designed for you to earn money”. The $11.23 plan includes 50 GB Disk Space, 500 GB Bandwidth and the best part you get unlimited Domains. You can also upgrade to higher plans if you like.

You can signup with the promotional link to get more discounts and Don’t forget to use the Promo code “BLOGGERPLAY” for additional discount of 25% on the total bill.

3. Siteground

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Siteground is another Reseller Hosting provider that is affordable and the best part is its customer support. You get awesome 24/7 customer support. With plans starting at just $42 a year, You get 10 GB Web Space, cPanel and SSH Access, 3 Server Locations, Unlimited Data Transfer, CloudFlare CDN.

You can signup with the promotional link and get 60% discount on the reseller plan.

So start off your journey to Start Make money with Reseller Hosting Business with the best Hosting Provider and Affordable Prices.


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