Every #Entrepreneur and #Blogger want to have an awesome and high traffic WordPress Blog. But this doesn’t comes on its own for you. You need to choose a right WordPress Hosting. Choosing a right WordPress hosting is the most difficult task for a Beginner to start with the blog. But Today, I’ll be helping you to choose a right WordPress Hosting System for you and for your Blog. The most important thing for a Blog is “Speed”. The blog that has more speed ranks high on Google and also Alexa Ranking.

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WPEngine Review – Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

WPEngine Review – The Best Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine Offers the Best Fully-Managed WordPress Hosting Platform, also it mainly focus on your Website Speed. The more the speed the more the traffic. You can also look here for the Website Speed Improvement.

Founded in 2010 in a motive to provide a Fully Managed WordPress Hosting in Affordable Prices, and got the reputation for one of the best wordpress hosting service in just Five Years.

Why WPEngine

1. Speed

The website Traffic and Visitors Behaviour depends upon your Website Speed. The amount of time website takes is the major factor for rocking the Search Engines.

  • International DataCenters – Want your site hosted in the UK or in Japan in addition to the US? No problem. You can choose from the best you like. This will help you get better site loading. The DataCenters of WPEngine are one of the best DataCenters in the world
  • No Caching Plugin – This is the most important factor affecting your website Speed, The RAM Caching is managed by them and not by you to ensure your visitors Feel a Good Website Speed Leaving behind the Good User Base.

2. Security

One of the greatest fears of having a successful website is being high-Jacked. Not only it will affect your money and visitors, but also affects the owner/company in multiple ways. Therefore, #SmartBusinesses invest a lot of money in Security.

  • Firewall – No worries for Attacking and Hacking on Server of your website. WPEngine also takes in charge to this Major Point and ensure your site to be Attack-Free. They block every New Attack Daily and if you can’t afford the site to be Compromised with others, you should choose WPEngine.
  • Malware Scanning – This is the most Awesome thing from WPEngine. Though WPEngine offers World Class Security options for your Website Security, there might be possibilty of any attack, but you need not to worry, The WPEngine Support Staff will fix your Hi-Jacked site for FREE. So what do you think about this awesome thing.

3. Scalability

You can choose the plans with your requirement, for instance if your site has a Monthly Traffic of 400,000 or lower, you can choose the lowest plan with just $29 a Month, and if your site does well, You can also Upgrade anytime.

  • Data Transfer – Unlike all other Hosting Providers, WPEngine offers you Unlimited Data Transfer with your site so you can do your business hassle-free.
  • CDN Ready – This is also the factor that if enabled gives your site a Boost. Take an example, Someone from Canada visits your site, then the Datacenter will automatically set your images on the server that is closest to the Visitors. You can read about the CDN here.

4. Dev. Tools

So you may think these above Features are all in your current Hosting Provider, the  you are wrong. Look at the Below more features that your Current Hosting Provider doesn’t have.

  • KickAss Plugins – They have come up with some of the Recommended Plugins in order to take your Wordpress site at next level. You can have a look here.
  • WordPress Updates & Backups – With every hosting plan you purchase with wpengine you get Free Automatic WordPress upgrades amd Free Regular Backups and much more.


Get it Now Try Risk-Free

WPEngine comes with affordable pricing plans. You can choose a lowest plan starting at just $29 a month. But i recommend you to Choose the Professional Plan for all the awesome features that a Professional Blogger (like me) look for. But you can TRY the Awesome WPEngine Professional Plan for FREE for 60 Days.


So with the Plan starting at Just $29 you get a Full managed WordPress Service Recommended by thousand other bloggers to get started with your #MillionDollar Blog. First You can Try with the Professional Plan Free for 60 Days and get started with Blogging or your Billionaire Company.

Get it Now Try Risk-Free

I Recommend you this WPEngine as my favorite WordPress Hosting service.


Google Certified Marketer, Professional Blogger Brand Ambassador @ Hootsuite & Truecaller.

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