Are you obsessed with link tracking, or do you use or or any other link shortener for shortening of your links and tracking of your link. Tracking those links can be very tiring work for you. In today’s post I am introducing a Simple yet Effective Tool that can do all the work with no charges.

Most of the Link Shortener provides tracking, but it’s very daunting work, like first go for shortening the links, and track back after 3-4 days of your links tracking info. How about a Tool that can help you both of the work (Link Shortening as well as Link Tracking Info) in the same option panel. I have assumed you have used this tool with WordPress here at the post.

So get Ready.



Get The Best from your Link Tracking

 ClickMeter is an awesome tool for everyone who want to get the most of their link tracking. Monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rate this is well said by ClickMeter. From Link Cloaking to Redirect, From monitoring to sharing the links, everything is just awesome and takes just seconds.

If you ask specifically, For whom the ClickMeter is specially designed for?

Then my answer would be Bloggers and Affiliates. It’s an amazing tool to Track the source of every affiliate commission in one place and skyrocket your revenues!


Clickmeter has some awesome features that come with a Free Plan. Check it out!


1. Redirect visitors where they yield best conversion rates
2. Track views, clicks and conversions
3. Monitor broken links, click fraud, latency and blacklists
4. Share with clients, partners, and co-workers


1. Cloaking Hide destination URL, protect your commission codes and keyword lists.
2. Track all kind of Conversions Cookies, Conversion pixels, Postback URLs, TIDs, Server-to-server tracking.
3. Vanity Links Shorten your links with your domain name.
4. Split test optimizer A/B test with multiple destination URLs. Reveal your best messaging.
5. Real-time reports You act in real time, so do we. Get reports and be alerted in seconds.

How it Works?

Suppose here’s a Link “

This is very long URL to share as well as embed, so with help of Clickmeter Tool we can make this link as we like with a custom name. Like or or even

This can be as you like and as per your requirement.

Then use the link to share, embed that you have just shortened.

It will be automatically redirect to the destination URL.

For Instance here, we used the link “” and say we shortened it as “”

You share this link “” and it will automatically redirect to the big, nasty URL.


The plans starts at Free pricing! But it limits for few uses. Look for the Plans at below Banner.

But for this awesome tool, you can upgrade and get the best from your link tracking.

Hope you liked this awesome Tool and Post.

If you liked it! The  please share and comment below your opinions



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  1. Yes, its good.
    Clickmeter can actually provide good tracking of links, which helps me in Affiliate links.
    the free plan is also good.
    But good review

  2. why should we use this one, when we have bitly and like shorteners

  3. I loved that part “advanced link cloaking”that helps me in hiding the Affiliate links.
    Thanks Mohit

  4. Its good if its free.
    Because I like free things that has more optioN’s.
    will give it a try

  5. There’s one more tool like this one.
    it also has some of the same features that Clickmeter has

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