There has been many upgrades to WordPress Content Management System this Year. From 4.0 to 4.1, and from 4.1 to 4.2 now.
It’s been awesome always, WordPress is regularly making updates to its security updates to make sure your blog resources keep secure from the old and risky systems.

This time WordPress 4.2 from the safe hands of WordPress community.

WordPress 4.2 offers a balanced mix of front-facing features that users will enjoy, as well as improvements for developers. Here is a tour of the highlights.

WordPress 4.2 helps you Communicate and Share, Globally

What’s in there (WordPress 4.2)?

An easier way to share Content

Sharing becomes easier now with wordpress 4.2. WordPress Awesome contributors have brought this awesome feature : Press This.

Now Clip This : Edit This : Publish This. 

It allows you to grab the images, text, videos quickly and add your thoughts and publish instantly. Any media, that you “Press This” will be automatically added to your Media Library. Simply, Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar. Then, when you’re on a page you want to share, simply “press” it.

Extended Character Support

Writing in WordPress, whatever your language, just got better.

This new upgrade of WordPress 4.2, brings a lot changes in the writing support for all of us. From all of the languages to Emoji, writing just got better and easier. Now it supports Chinese, Japanese and even Korean Characters, Not only that, it also supports musical and mathematical characters too.

Database character encoding has changed from utf8 to utf8mb4, which adds support for a whole range of new 4-byte characters, which is also a big change and a bit helpful, which directly supports all above native languages.

Streamlined Plugin Updates

Goodbye boring loading screen, hello smooth and simple plugin updates. Click Update Now and watch the magic happen.

After you update to 4.2, you will be able to update plugins on the plugins screen without refreshing the page and without being whisked away to a new update screen. This reduces the time updating the plugins, waiting for the update, you can even do another thing on the same page also.

Switch Themes in Customizer

Now this is the most efficient feature of the new WordPress 4.2 Update.

Now suppose, you have a theme installed on your WordPress themes list. You can Preview the theme and Customize there itself and have a look at it. This is just Because of Theme Customizer feature.

This further streamlines the UI for customizing your WordPress site loaded with WordPress 4.2 and successfully paves the way for the theme installation process to be added to the customizer in the future and makes the customization better,

And even more Updates from the WordPress 4.2 Version. You can discover more features, by just hitting WordPress Update to 4.2 from your own WordPress updates core or just download from the site and enjoy the above awesome features.

So what, are you waiting upon. Just upgrade to your latest WordPress 4.2 version and experience the set of awesome features that makes your writing and editing easier.



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