Starting a Web Hosting Business is not as easy as other things online, But do you know, one more thing is very hard to start with after your own launch of web hosting business. It’s the Marketing for your business.

Marketing, is one of the most daunting part of a business. But here today, I am helping with 6 Free Hacks to Market your Business for FREE.

Recently I posted a Review for the best reseller hosting providers which include a market biggie, Siteground, Bluehost and many others. But today it’s the part about Marketing.

6 Hacks to Market your Web Hosting Business -


First of all, Congratulations on your New Business

Just Starting a Web Hosting Company and sitting idle, you won’t get any client for your business. No Marketing = No Customers & No Customer = No Earnings.

You require this only once, At some time if a client buys your service, then it will result for many years, resulting more earnings for you. Even you stop Marketing, you will continue to get revenue from your current clients. But who doesn’t wants more earning and more popularity for his/her business.

Here are some of the Best Hacks to Market your Web Hosting Company/Business.

1. Social Media

This is the world most used place to Give it a Word Of Mouth to People. You may be familiar with Facebook, Twitter, GooglePLUS, Instagram and many more. But what you may not realize is, These Social Media Networks play a vital role in Marketing for a Business. An Active Social Media Business Account can help contribute 30-40% sales growth of a Business. Start Off by making accounts with all the Social Media Networks with all the Relevant information about Business and Its Services. However, this needs some patience and hard Work, But once you’ve got comments and Followers, You will automatically see the drastic change in your Business Sales. Show yourself, as a User that people should Follow. Post some Engaging Content and more. This will surely result in your Buisness Growth.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Ok, you’ve setup your own Web Hosting Business. But how will people find out about your Business and Services. Millions of people daily search for different products and services on Google, Bing, Yahoo OR simply Search Engine. You need to have your Hosting Company to appear in Search Engines, not just Appear, but just Rock the Search Engines. You need to be smart enough for this because, there are already very large companies who know how to rock in SEO. You have to preferably appoint a Good SEO Optimizer.

3. Press Releases

This is just like an Instant Food, which will give you satisfaction at same time. Press Releases can play a role in growing your audience and convert the in to customers. This will give you instant and immediate attention that will make people remember your Business, Next Time when they purchase any Hosting Service.

There are many Free Press Release Website that can help you for the same, and if you can go for Paid one, it will be better and more spontaneous action.

4. Talk to People

Talk to People about your Company, ask them what they like or dislike about your services and Company. This will help you in two ways.

1. Help you get on the areas you need to improve.

2. Make People aware of a New Hosting Business in the Market. Talk to the  Politely, Engage Them and Help them in any Problem or Question. This will definitely Help

Tell People about, what’s there in your services that others might not have. This strategy of Market your Web Hosting Business will definitely help generate and Grow User Signups.

There is one more option in this point. An Offline one, You can go to meetups and startups launches and tell people about your services and also take some creatives with you to distribute to people and make them aware of your business. You can also offer a discount coupon to them which will make sure, they visit your business once and convert into customer.

5. Participate in Forums

Forums and Communities are just the awesome two things that one should follow to look after in order to grow users. Even I share and Engage with people on Quora and other communities to share my articles on quora and they get a good response and good traffic. In fact my 30% of traffic comes from quora and other communities.

On Communities, you should be Frank and Answer all those questions that fall in your category “Hosting Services”. Try to search for some questions and responses that belong to your keywords of web hosting businesses.

6. Your Own Official Business Blog

Having a Own Official has many advantages of self promotion. You should have a own business blog that have own official identify and promoting its services and products. Your business, your blog, your self promotion.

It’s a very easy work and requires almost no investment. If you know how to blog and loves to write, then this method will be a killer one for you.

But which blog service is good for a business use blog?

You should use, WordPress for the official business blogs. You might be thinking of why I suggested wordpress. This is because its the self hosted free big service that enables you to different customizations and several business features. It’s the best among all the CMS.

These are the 6Hacks that will make your web hosting business grow insanely.

One sec. Is there more hacks. Yes there are. But these were the most helpful hacks that will help you. But if you know more then I’ll love it to hear that. Just post below your response and help all.



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