Not every business is successful but this doesn’t means it won’t get any success in future. Also there are some business whose blogs are famous but it’s product/service are not.

But here today I am not discussing about the business products and services. I am here to tell about those blogs specifically the business one’s that every blogger should follow and learn from.

These business blogs apart from promoting their products or services, also mentions around some content that is really helpful and informative.

In fact, These businesses gets success ftom their official blogs itself. If you are not aware of what business blogs can do for a business to grow sales and user base, let me tell you.

In simple Words, A Blog is a #MilliomDollar Way for a Business to post its product and promote it and take it to the world. Read this post from CopyBlogger “How Content Marketing helps a Business”. This Article is a Good One specially for businesses who don’t have a business blogs and who already have blog, to grow their blogs.

Blogging for a business is nothing but Content Marketing, which is essential for every business to grow sales and users resulting directly into business growth.

But how can you write effective blogs for your business?

Blogging is never a daunting work, it should be followed seriously and regularly in order to get more out of the best. No one is a perfect blogger or good at writing, every one first Learn and then perform, this activity is always followed in every task, work whether performing in a different section beside blogging.

If you are a Blogger, the. You must always listen, follow & learn from another blogger or writer. This is the activity that can make you great at writing blogs.

I also learn and follow some blogs, and recommend you for the same in order to get your blogging at next level. These are the 25 TOP Blogs that everyone should Follow, whether a Blogger, Entrepreneur, Marketer or a Business or even Startup.

Best Business Blogs to Follow and Learn From.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an Awesome Social Media Management Tool. Hoostuite Blog mainly focus on Social media Marketing Tips and How Social Media can help grow your Business and Company. Besides all these, Hootsuite Blog Team also posts on major tricks for its product.

  • Some of the Best Articles that I Love from Hootsuite
  1. What Social Media Networks to Focus in 2015
  2. How to Create a Content Marketing Startegy
  3. Why Hootsuite Sent a Tweet 44 Times

2. AddThis

You may have Heard of this Awesome Tool that helps to grow your site/blog with some great tools. However AddThis only Mentions Blog Articles with content related to its Services and Products, But Its Articles are always Making Sense in Marketing Field.

  • Some of the Best Articles that I Love from AddThis
  1. 5 Proven ways to boost sharing on your site
  2. AddThis : Data Driven path to Relevant Marketing
  3. 3 best pratices to convert your visitors into subscribers

3. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is the World’s Biggest and Renowned entrepreneurial Magazine Followed by Millions of People for Marketing Hacks. Entrepreneur has some best Writers and Editors that loves to Create new ideas and stories and publish on the Entrepreneur Magazine.

  • Some of the Best Articles that I Love from Entrepreneur
  1. Creating Insight-Driven Experiences to Build Brandsneurial
  2. 7 Things You Need to Know About SEO to Remain Relevant in 2015
  3. 4 Keys to Marketing on Twitter

4. Wpmudev

The WPMU DEV WordPress blog provides tutorials, tips, resources and reviews to help out any WP user. It is a Great Source to find awesome WordPress Posts related articles that people love to read.

  • Some of the Best Articles that I Love from WPMUDev
  1. WordPress Security: Tried and True Tips to Secure WordPress
  2. 8 Must-Haves When Adding E-Commerce to Your WordPress Site
  3. 10 Handy Plugins to Help You Do More with WordPress Categories

5. CopyBlogger

Copyblogger is another content marketing and content Writing Tricks Blog. CopyBlogger has been writing and teaching people about how to create killer content.

  • Some of the Best Articles that I Love from CopyBlogger
  1. What to Do When You Absolutely, Positively Must Know if Your Content Will Rock
  2. A Brief Guide to Fixing Your Old, Neglected, and Broken Content
  3. How to Use Customer Experience Maps to Develop a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

6. KissMetrics

This is an Highly Loved Marketing Blog that is edited By Neil Patel (World’s Best Marketing & SEO Expert) and Hiten Shah. KissMetrics is an awesome software as a service of analytics and understanding your website better.

  • Some of the Best Articles that I Love from KissMetrics
  1. Some of the Best Articles that I Love from CopyBlogger
  2. Why The Customers Who Don’t Convert Are Immensely Important
  3. 8 Offline Social Skills You Should Carry Into Your Social Media Efforts

7. Shopify

Shopify is an awesome and larger online store maker. Shopify mentions tips and tricks related to ecommerce categories and also had review for its extensions and compatible apps. Overall it’s a great source for ecommerce marketing.

  • Some of the Best Articles that I Love from Shopify
  1. How to Dramatically Improve Your Conversion Rates in 2015 Using These 3 Analytics Reports
  2. The Single Best Way to Get Traction for Your Ecommerce Startup
  3. 6 Foundational Ecommerce Marketing Tactics to Stop Your Bucket from Leaking

8. Buffer

Buffer has been the most popular blog from last 1 year because of its blog post. Buffer posts some awesome content on Marketing and Blogging which are loved by thousands of people including me. I am a Big Fan of Buffer Blog.

  • Some of the Best Articles that I Love from Buffer
  1. Some of the Best Articles that I Love from Shopify
  2. The Art of Making Customers Happy on Social Media
  3. 33 Social Media Groups and Chats You Should Know About

9. Help Scout

Help Scout is a simple customer service solution that you should consider using for your ecommerce business. Customer Satisfaction and Great Customer Support are the best things that can help you grow your business. They cover most of the tactics for Customer Service and Satisfaction

  • Some of the Best Articles that I Love from Help Scout
  1. Customer Service Tactics
  2. Why Gmail fails for Customer Support
  3. How Better Customer Service Attracts and Retains Better Clients

10. MyThemeGallery

MyThemeGallery is an Awesome Place to Find Great WordPress and Blogger Themes to add some awesomeness to your Websites/Blogs. Making every Bit of it, you also get awesome Discounts and Deals to Buy your Favorite Themes.

11. Content Marketing Institute

12. Simply Measured

13. Blogger Play

Blogger Play is an awesome place to get #Wordpress, #SEO tutorials, #Blogging, Tips & #Tricks and everything around internet. Its a Blog for Bloggers and it’s a Magazine for Entrepreneurs and Source for Intenert Readers. The Main Motive is here to Help Bloggers and Entrepreneurs to get their Blogging and Marketing Done!

  • Some of the Best Articles that you’ll Love from Blogger Play
  1. 6 Free Hacks to Market your Web Hosting Business
  2. Get The Most of your Affiliate Links
  3. WPEngine Review – Best Fully Managed Hosting for WordPress

14. Social Media Examiner

15. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas has been Blogging for a decade now and is one of the five best bloggers in the Marketing World. His Blog is one-stop-shop for for Blogging Tricks and Content Marketing and More.

  • Some of the Best Articles that I Love from Jeff Bullas
  1. 4 Tips on How to Use LinkedIn to build Influence
  2. 27 Killer Strategies to build awesome Blogging Ideas
  3. 11 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Millennials Reading Your Blog Read

16. Chris Lema

17. INC

18. TheNextWeb

19. QuickSprout

Quick Sprout is run by SEO & Marketing genius Neil Patel and is a blog about marketing and blogging. The thing I love about this blog is Neil’s direct writing approach towards helping other bloggers and entrepreneurs.

  • Some of the Best Articles that I Love from QuickSprout
  1. The Complete Guide to Build your Blog Audience
  2. How to Grow Your Blog Traffic by 20,000 Visitors a Month
  3. The Advanced Guide to SEO

20. Instapage

21. ShoutMeLoud

22. WPBrain

23. WPBeginner

24. Think Traffic

As the name suggests, This Blog mainly features Articles and Posts based on Traffic Increment Tactics. Most of The Bloggers love to read their post as they help to increase blog pos views and traffic by following some tips.

  • Some of the Best Articles that I Love from ThinkTraffic
  1. ThinkTraffic is now Sparkline

25. Forbes


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