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Earlier this Month I’ve been trying to Hide some widgets on Mobile Site to make it responsive and clean. I did Lot of research in this and found an awesome plugin that not only can hide a widget in wordpress but can do many other things, all are listed below.

If you want Great User Interface and Responsive Mobile Site, then this is a Must for you.

Example : I have Two Newsletters Signup on every page, one on the side bar and one in footer. There is no need to show the both of the Newsletters Widgets as both are doing same work, So I decided to hide the Sidebar one.

Getting Started with 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

First you need to Install this Awesome Plugin called “Dynamic Widgets“. (There is one more plugin called ZigWidgetCSS, but that is too confusing, so I recommend using this). After Installing and Activating, just Move to the Page for the Plugin.


Step 2

Opening up the Setting Page will give you a Screen where all your widgets (Inactive or Active) will be listed there. Just Hover on the widget that you want to hide from the mobile site and Click Edit. It will followed by the below screen.

Step 3

Look for the option “Device”, Just Clicking on them “Device” Option will open up an options panel just like the below screenshot.

In the “Except for” section select the “Mobile” Check Box. and Just Click the Save Button Below.

Congrats! You have Successfully Implemented the Change and you are ready to make your mobile site responsive.

What’s Next

As I told earlier, this awesome plugin doesn’t ends up with this much features. It has some more Cool features to look for:

For Example :-

You can also hide/show a widget to a specific WordPress user, IP, and more.

Just check out the same as you have already installed the plugin.

Go Explore!


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    • Yes it can, you can choose from the list of available countries and you can also hide a widget from a particular ip and many more

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