One second of Delay in website speed causes:-

  1. Around 9% less views
  2. 7% decrease in customer/visitor satisfaction
  3. 11% less conversions (like subscribing or purchase)
  4. 20-30 daily visitors
  5. 8% decrease in Search Engine Ranking
  6. 10% decrease in Total Traffic (Direct/SocialMedia/Search Engine, and more)

Now think about your website which has more than this speed something around 3-7 seconds.

How much Traffic are you loosing a Day. Can you think about that. Let’s Calculate with above figures-

Now Suppose, Your website take around 4.5 seconds to load.


  1. 9*4.5% = 40.5% less views (approx)
  2. 7%*4.5 = 31.5% decrease in customer/visitor satisfaction
  3. 11%*4.5% = 49.5% less conversions (like subscribing or purchase)
  4. 20-30*4.5 = 90-135 daily visitors
  5. 8%*4.5 = 36% decrease in Search Engine Ranking
  6. 10%*4.5 = 45% decrease in Total Traffic (Direct/SocialMedia/Search Engine, and more)

Aren’t these figures a Great factor for your website.

Now it’s Clear that if anyone wants his website to not to lose this Precious Thing then what a big thing he is doing online. Not just above factor, there is one more thing that’s crucial and is related to these figures, It’s Earnings. Less Traffic, Means less Money.

Now who doesn’t wants that. So to help you all today, I just got some of the best Hacks to Increase website speed.

I also followed these tricks, and result I got was an increment of 78% less time than previous time.


Choose a Good Host

Choosing a Good web host can be really helpful in this part. Choose a Host like Bluehost or Hostgator or Siteground. But choosing a Good Host can be really a daunting task for everyone.

To look for a Good Host one must ensure to look for features like :-

  1. Fast DNS servers
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth
  3. Good Support
  4. Data Transfer
  5. Reliability and Speed of access

These features are essential for a website to get some good speed. These all features comes integrated with WPEngine hosting, which plays an awesome role in good web host. But remember, Don’t choose a Free or Really Cheap one.

Choose a Good Theme

This is another crucial factor playing a vital role in website load speed. There are large number of theme available in this Internet world, but unfortunately, Not are built with some awesomeness. As the themes are always developed by different Developers, But there are some which are the best.

One can look for Some awesome themes at MyThemeShop, ThemeForest and more. But remember, don’t look for Free one’s as they are built with low priority. Going for Premium themes, can seriously bring Responsiveness and Good SEO to your Traffic.

Choosing a Right CDN Host

A CDN is a Virtual network of servers that are hosted by Service providers to help websites load fast. They store your network resource on their super fast servers and help you reduce your website speed load fast without any lag. Moreover, it helps you prevent server attacks from the hackers and viruses.

A CDN Hosting is the most trending term following in this time. Choose a Good CDN Hosting like MaxCDN which can really help you get your website load fast.Read this Guide here ”

For more Info:- Read this awesome Guide here “Best CDN Hosting Services“.

Some Awesome Tricks to Increase Website Speed

Use Gzip Compression

Gzip Compression is one of the most popular methods to compress your HTML and CSS files. It is believed to save you around 50- to 70% of the original file size. This means that it will take less time to load your pages in general, and also less bandwidth overall without degrading the quality or affecting the resources and files. Check your site here “CheckGZipCompression”

Identify Resources that are Lowering down the speed

Use p3 Plugin Time Analyzer that analyzes the time that one visit takes with plugins time recording.

Install Plugin and Scan for the website, After the results generated, it’ll show the time that one particular plugin takes while a visit. It’ll show you an average from approx 5-6 recent pages. You can either Delete or replace the plugin by analyzing the results that which plugin is taking the most time.

Compress Images and Videos

This saves a out of Kb’s that can easily help you with speeding up of website.

There are many tools that can help you optimize the images without losing any quality. You can compress images and videos up to 70%, which is very huge in this category. Read this Guide here “Compress your Images easily” and can find some of the awesome tools like and and more here.

Turn off Trackbacks and Pingbacks

WordPress has millions of features and is the Best CMS of all others. It also has a feature called trackback and pingback which also you to enable other people to link to your posts, enabling good reach and more visitors. But this is generally the worst option in wordpress. This not only does down the website, but also bring some SPAM content to your website, which is really a drastic feature, don’t you think.

Final Words

So, these were the Awesome Tricks and Hacks that will really help you getting more speed and result in above results. Remember More speed, more traffic, more earnings.

No doubt there are several other tricks also but these were the awesome hands that will really help you get the Best from your website and simply improve website speed. But if you really know some other tricks, don’t hesitate to share it with me. It will help all. And you too.

Thanks, keep sharing and keep commenting.


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