Quora is the World’s Largest Forum/Community Site. I started using Quora one year back and in the first few months I was just asking questions just for engagement without any cause and they were also meaningless. But later, I researched and found it useful to grow my blog visitors and daily traffic. And Guess what! It really Helped me.

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I always ask for help to sort the problems and get the answers that’s really relevant and are useful too. Find me on Quora -> Mohit Badaya.

I always Google for better solutions, but Google is a Robot that finds answers for you not the solutions. But at Quora, it is always awesome, You just need to post a Question and that’s it. You will get smart answers and responses that will help you get your question a better response than Google.

For Instance, I asked up a Question related to this Article Post! And The answers I got were really Great! One of which is Read Quote of Bhuvi Jain’s answer to Why do people ask for help on Quora, when Google has all the solutions? on Quora. Beside, that awesome  answer I got around 100+ responses which are worth to read! You can read them here Why do people ask for help on Quora when Google has all the solutions.

At Google, you search for a Question or a Query, GoogleBot will take your query, parse it and search for the related links and posts. But at Quora, you can really get the best responses. People view your Query/Question, analyze it and give his/her opinion based on his/her experience.

When one should use Google or Quora to find answers?

Smartness is in knowing when to Google and when to Quora. Quora has a long way to go before it comes naturally to people and is perceived as an authentic source of information to people.

Asking for help on Google and on Quora is two entirely different things! No doubt Google is the Best Search Engine and can get you to the answers related to your queries that are found with GoogleBot help. But Quora is one of them, that will get you the correct response as from a Real Person from his/her real experience.

Now it’s upto you! when you should choose between both to get your answers.

Query when asked on Google

Now take an Example, If you ask Google what is the Capital of U.S.A? It will tell you right away. But if you ask a Question like this “What should I do to Make Money Online”. It will search for the results from the related websites with different views.

But if the Same Question been asked on Quora, You would have got a Nice Answer from a person that is Experienced from that field or is capable of doing so to help others.

Google provides you the actual information for your search query,  whereas, Quora provides the information along with an expert’s advice.

But all of these, Google has separate Identity and Quora has different one. If Quora could be that Smarter, Then it would also be a Search Engine and not a Community/Forum where people love to share their Experience/Opinions. Well you may be thinking, I am Promoting Quora here, no its not like that, I am sharing just my Experience and Opinion.

Hope you all get answers to this Post! Whis is Better : Google or Quora. Well I Say,

Google it for facts; use Quora for opinions.

Now I want your responses, Which one is better : Google or Quora?



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