Do you have Google Chrome? Do you love Browsing on Google Chrome? Do you want to Make your Google Searching Better and take it to next level?

If yes! Then I have some Cool Extensions to use and level up your browsing this hot summer. Recently I shared another list “15 Best Tools that a designer can’t afford to miss” on medium which was loved by many users. And Today also, here is another list. The best Google Chrome Extensions this Hot Summer”. These Google Extensions will help you save a lot of time while browsing on internet in a fun new way. These extensions are easy to use and have a good effect over internet surfing!

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15 Cool Google Chrome Extensions
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Here’s The Coolest Google Chrome Extensions

Panda 4 – Find the best content. Be informed. Stay inspired.

Grammarly App – Grammarly makes you a better writer by finding and correcting  up to 10× more mistakes than your word processor.

Streak App – Run your Entire Business from your Inbox

One Tab – save up to 95% data and cluttering over google chrome tabs.

PushBullet – PushBullet is an easy to use tool to send notifications from your phone to your PC or vice Versa and more.

MomentumDash – Get some inspirational images and quotes just when you hit new tab in your chrome browser

Sortd – Transform your email interface into organised easy to do lists.

Point – Sending, Sharing and Tagging just got easier with Point App. Now easily tag your friend and send them stuff you love.

Dimensions – A Tool for Designers to measure Screen Dimensions.

GoStarry – Take a look at a Startup for its Info, Details, Funding, Founders and more with Starry.

SideNotes – Simplest way to annotate the web. Save any data anytime and get it stored to dropbox privately.

Honey – The Simplest way to save your hard-earned money while shopping online.

ShareasImage – The easiest way to engage more audience with your social media posts.

Honey Badger – HoneyBadger is just like starry, you get info but you get for all sites instead of just startups.

Silencer – Control the Internet. Mute spoilers, people, hashtags, terms, and phrases.

So that’s all for the day. Hope you liked the collection. They are sweet, small, simple yet effective tools for all. Try and take full benefits of all.

If you know more, and want me to include more to this “Best Google Chrome Extensions”, just hit a comment below, and I’ll add it straight-a-way.


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