Gone are the days when the recruitment was done by inviting applications through posting advertisements in newspaper, television, etc. People apply, Screening Applications, Holding Tests and bla bla bla….

Do you think the traditional way of shooting a mail, fixing up a call for a telephonic interview, and moreover a Skype call interview could work well?

No it doesn’t? And here’s why not!

  1. Time Clashes – In this busy world, everyone is engaged with something at some place. and someone when being called up, they either say, to call afterwards (weekend) or at the closing hours.
  2. Time Wasting Strategy – A large number of phone calls, applications are applied, but not all are fruitful. Many applicants apply don’t know about the company and still applies. A huge time span is wasted.
  3. Busy Weekends – When called up in weekends, well it’s a weekend of course and its a not to disturbing day. Then when and how can the process will be continued?


Now you may also be concluded with, This work being nasty and also takes too much time. This era is not made for that nasty and tedious work, This era is specially made for Smart Work, not Hard Work.

But thank God, we are living in 21st century, where everything is digital. Then why the Hiring/recruitment shouldn’t be.

Here, A Futuristic Mobile App is Changing the way of hiring!


An app started by two IITians in order to revolutionize the social networking. An app that is based on Q and A’s between person to person in the video selfies format. At time of Launch they didn’t know about it success, But it’s one of the app that is being talked in India and getting popular day by day. Concept of Frankly was simple, Person to Person Conversations but as it started, they introduced it as conversation basically Q & A’s b/w Celebrities and People.


Frankly.me allows users to pot up questions via text format to a particular celebrity who are available on the app. The celebrities then respond to the Questions with Video Selfies. Isn’t this Great!

For People – They get to know about their Favorite Celebrity and

For Celebrities – They engage their fans, and keep them being loved between the people.

Frankly aims to facilitate frank conversations between people, be it between a celebrity and a fan, a citizen and a national leader, an writer and its reader and many more!

This app has now more than a 50,000 user base in such a less time span.

Coming to the hiring process by frankly.me

Being Happy with this Success, Frankly.me Team Decided to take this at something at high level. They decided to make the process more efficient, the hiring process. They tested this to their self-platform, and it did get success as it saved a lot of time and it made the process very smooth and one more thing, the it made the process quite easy(selecting the right candidate as per the answer)

Advantages of Using Frankly.me as Recruitment

  1. No Real Time – The users can answer the video selfie format any time, they require. They choose their convenient time and reply.
  2. Self Confidence – When sitting opposite to a recruiter, you sometime feel some nervousness and loose self-confidence which is a big factor that can affect your job posting. Posting as a video selfie doesn’t loose up your self-confidence and you can perform better at interviews.
  3. Time & Money Saving – Now the Recruiter Company now has to post up some questions as text format, and get answered to their questions with videos selfies, as sitting onto their home, saving a lot of time and money.
  4. Easy to Choose – Screening of applications also got easier, a company can easily select the right candidate, according to the personality, Communication Skills and Body Language of the candidate.

Final Words

Isn’t all this process a simple one. Recruitment just got easier with Frankly.me! Isn’t it!

Get the Frankly Me app and make the process easy and efficient.

For Android and IOS :- Download for Android and IOS

For Desktop :- Frankly.me

Hope you like the post and the way frankly id going! Keep Commenting and Keep Recruiting in a Better way!


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