You may be knowing WordPress is the most used CMS Software in the world and trusted by many businesses to host their sites. But do you know, WordPress is another known for one big thing, Making Money Online. Thousands of Entrepreneurs and Bloggers are making huge money with wordpress affiliate program. Let me tell you in detail!

Affiliates (Who have Blogs) endorse other’s products for which in return they get commissions. This Commission generally ranges in % (like 20% or 50% or more) or in numbers (like $20 or $100 or more) which is a good sum. These commissions are distributed by businesses in relate to referring a customer to their product.

The Products generally are of different types. But Today I’m discussing only for WordPress niche. So only WordPress Affiliate Program. And in this product I’m only sharing the Top 10 Highest Paying WordPress Affiliate Program.

Before getting started, I want to tell you! I will also mention the benefits of joining the below affiliate programs. So Starting with the Top 10 List.

Highest paying WordPress Affiliate Program




WPEngine is one of the best fully managed wordpress hosting provider that is already trusted by brands and businesses to host their websites powered by wordpress. WPEngine besides its robust hosting technology also has very attractive affiliate sales commission. $200.. Yes it is! It pays you Flat $200 minimum commission for every customer referred to them. Also, you can get another $50 for every affiliate you refer which convert into a customer. I have already made thousands of commissions from them and recommend you to join them as they are the best one in this industry. You can also make start making money with WPEngine.

  • Benefits of Joining WPEngine Affiliate Program:-
  1. Minimum $200 in commission
  2. Bonus for multiple referrals
  3. Earn $50 per customer your sub-affiliates refer!

Start Earning with WPEngine


MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

MyThemeShop is another the great thing that happened to wordpress themes and plugins. I am already using themes from MyThemeShop on my different sites, and they are really cool. Have a Look at their products, I promise you will be glad to see those. Now the Affiliate Part, MyThemeShop also has great payouts. 70% of every sale. Now think, their one theme is of $69, you get 70% commission which is $48.30 and you are referring 2 clients daily, now calculate for a month. You will be making approx $2900 a month.

  • Benefits of Joining MyThemeShop Affiliate Program:-
  1. No minimum payout
  2. Discount code generator
  3. Earn 70% per sale you refer.

Start Earning with MyThemeShop


WEBCEO affiliate Program

WebCEO is a software to track your Website SEO rankings, error and backlinks. It is one of the most recommended platform used by many marketers. WebCEO pays you Flat $81 for every sale, irrespective of the price of product being referred. WebCEO has some of the best affiliate platform and ensure you get the right reward for every referral.

  • Benefits of Joining WebCEO Affiliate Program:-
  1. Affiliate Statistics
  2. $82 per sale as commission directly paid on every 1st of every month
  3. Accurate Tracking and Reporting.

Start Earning with  WebCEO


ThemeForest Affiliate Program

ThemeForest is another Themes and Plugins store for wordpress and HTML and more categories. It is the Larget directory to sell and buy awesome Plugins and Themes. ThemeForest is the largest commission payer in the world in this category. MyThemeForest pays you flat 30% commission per sale. Not only that, It also pays you 30% commission when your referred customer loads the cash into his account.

  • Benefits of Joining ThemeForest Affiliate Program:-
  1. Affiliate Statistics
  2. 30% per sale as commission and also 30% for every cash deposit by customer.
  3. Targeted Banner ads

Start Earning with ThemeForest


Hostgator Affiliate Program

Hostgator is another trusted wordpress hosting provider that is loved and recommended by every blogger. Hostgator pays you flat minimum $50 for every sale and upto $125 maximum, without any conditions. Also they provide you best analytics program with it to track on the go easily. Hostgator has many attractive plans and sends out promotions for affiliates every month to kick ass at promoting

  • Benefits of Joining Hostgator Affiliate Program:-
  1. Affiliate Statistics, referrers, domains
  2. Earn upto $125 per sale (minimum $50)
  3. Trusted Hosting for WordPress

Start Earning with Hostgator  


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