In the past days, I was Trying the New ways to get more awesome content for you awesome guys.

The One I found the most was Republishing a Blog Post from other blog to your’s. I read some more guides about it, but found nothing to be done in this method. Because, If you re-post any article of

Some People think, Copying and Posting up several articles a day will give their blog a huge traffic, but you are following a wrong practice  Because, If you re-post any article of blog post from any other blog, you will be punished by google. Punished by Google here means, Loosing blog indexing ranks, Loosing Traffic from Search Engines (Bing, Google and more).

Now think, if you want to copy others content then your blog will be compromised with all above factors.

Or Following up a Method, which will save you from all this! when re-posting content from another blog.

Yes, now you might be thinking of that another method, what is that? And how can you do that?

Follow the Below Guide, which will help you save your loyal readers and blog ranking. In short there will be

no punishment by google, if you follow this Guide Correctly!

Getting Started!

Firstly you need to follow certain to get started with Re-Publishing

1. Permission from the Blog Authority

You have to request the specific Blog Owner or Admin, that can you re-publish the blog post giving them a back link and full credits.

You can shoot a mail to admin or blog authority, and request them to do so. Do include I’ll give full credits and backlinks to your blog. After the successful request, you have to just copy down the article and post it on your blog on the HTML part with a new image(not from the original place, but your own).

2. SEO plugin by Yoast

Now its time get safe from Google Punishment. This will ensure, Google not to take down your blog ranking and indexing in the search engines.

There are several Plugins for this work, but this is the best one, as it is easy to manage and is responsive. It is easy to add a Canonical URL to the post. Yes a Canonical URL, Learn more about a Canonical URL here from Google Official Blog

This tells the Search Engines that this content originally points to the original page from where it has been copied. Look for the image below

Put in the original URL, from where the post is copied. Don’t do anything more that this! This is enough.

Final Words

There is no punishment for copying and posting someone’s content if followed the above guide in a right way, and giving the credits. And the most important thing once again, don’t forget to ask the blog admin/authority. Keep Posting and Engaging. If you have anything to say, or any query, then just shoot the same below at comments section.


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  1. Hi! I share good answers from Quora to wordpress . Quora has a share button to wordpress along with facebook and twitter. Does this come under copying? Do I still need to follow the steps mentioned above? Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Ravi.
      Yes actually you need to give credits and a nofollow link to the post. Also you can even share just the link on the blog post

  2. lakshmi rajput Reply

    thanks for this article really helpful for me

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