It is very important to manage each and every Social media Channel specially for a business. Since, these Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest are the most Engaging and Traffic Bringing Channels.

You post on Social Media and then sit back and relax and wait for Engagement, That’s it! No that’s not enough.

You put a lot of time, hard work and maybe money in managing your business social media channels to keep it updated. 

You post tweets, Facebook statuses, and many other things, Don’t you think you should have a track of what’s going on with your brand social media profiles to know whether your efforts are going in a good way or not!

Monitoring your Social Media means listening to what people are saying about your business or your brand.

Measuring here means counting, calculating and quantifying those activities into useful metrics that will inform your actions. Finding the right tools to meet your needs in this area can save long hours of work but is a very daunting work.

But no worries here!

I have Collected the top low-cost Social Media Management Tools that will really help your business management really easy. For Convenience, They are divided into Social Media Categories. Read here the Awesome Blogging Resources

Best Monitoring Tools


Hootsuite has been the best Social Media Management Tool over Internet. It is also the most trusted software to manage one’s profiles whether business or personal. Hootsuite covers multiple social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare and Google+. Read more about HootSuite here


Social Bro is another tool used to manage and track all your social media campaigns. It sends out daily or weekly email including the analysis for the social media channel. SocialBro is only designed for Twitter. Get it at 50% OFF


TweetDeck is a Free Twitter Analysis Tool designed by Twitter Team to track your performance. The best part is you can add multiple profiles to track your performance.

Manage Flitter

First if you read the name, You’ll get onto “Manage Filter”, but no it’s ManageFlitter, a Tool for Twitter Management. It actually helps you filter who you should follow and favorite, easily unfollow those which don’t follow you back. It gives you analytics for your performance. give you platform to access your twitter account and get simple but robust analytics that help you grow your business based on your performance.

Tweet Reach

This Twitter tool shows you the reach and exposure of the tweets you send, collecting data on who retweets your tweets and the influence of each.

Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma shows all sorts of valuable info related to your Facebook page like growth, engagement, service and response time, and of course Karma (a weighted engagement value).

Facebook Custom Audience

If you are using Facebook ads, then this is a boom for tracking your facebook performance.


Klout is one of the well-known tool for facebook. It collects data from facebook profiles and gather all data and shows the best performance.

Other Tools

Helps you build and generate infographics based on your analytics of your social media profiles.


It is another infographic creator tool to turn your data into art.


Mention is an awesome tool that helps you never miss anything from your social media account reach. Start tracking on web, who are talking about on social media channels.

Final Words

These Social Media Tools will definitely help you getting the most of your #SocialMedia profiles whether a personal one or business one. It will help you get better reach. But there are many tools other than these also. But these were the best. If you know more, then just comment below or tweet me at @mohitbadaya


Google Certified Marketer, Professional Blogger Brand Ambassador @ Hootsuite & Truecaller.

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  1. Hi Mohit, I really enjoyed reading through this article! Social media monitoring should be on top of priority list of all the business having an online presence. What is kind of surprising is that there are many questioning its value. The good thing is, however, there are plenty of tools to choose from. Regarding those you listed, I’ve had a chance to had a look at TweetDeck, TweetReach and Klout and liked all three.

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