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So you are interested in Advertising with me. This page contains all the detailed information that you need to make a deal with us. Let’s get started step by step, first I’ll let you know about us, secondly I’ll tell you some methods by which you can grow your business, blog traffic etc. and at last, it’s about taking action.

BloggerPlay is an award winning site having Websites Reviews, Technology News, Social Media Tricks, Blogging Stuff, and much more in a #Creative style with more than 120,000 readers & subscribers and Much More. Blogger Play has huge list of followers and readers around the world as it has also got Alexa Global Ranking is near to 200,000 and rank in India near to 20,000 and is regularly growing in This Large Internet Resource.

Traffic Stats of Blogger Play

Within 4 Months of Starting Blogger, I have managed to bring it to this position while others get this in 1 or 2 year. You can check below the stats.

Note : This traffic stats is Updated Everyday

Google Page Rank : N/A
Alexa Ranking : 245,280 (Global)
Alexa Ranking : 24,857 (India)
Sites Linking In : 12
Domain Authority : 13
Page Authority : 41
Facebook Fans : 100+
Twitter Followers : 700+
Google+ Fans : 65+
Email Subscribers : 1120+
Daily Page Views : 12,845+
Daily Unique Users : 1,835+
Monthly Visits : 385,350+

Check Full Stats

Google Analytics of Blogger Play

google analytics - Blogger Play

Best thing about this blog is that I am regularly working hard to make this Blog awesome and Knowledgeful. We are getting high-quality traffic who actually come to read our blog post. This blog is Blogging and Tech niche blog where I promote quality stuff from your business with many advantages.

You can see below, the average number of Page Visits a Day is nearly 1900. And as said above, I am doing regular updates to make the site awesome.

bloggerplay google analytics



Well, I am very excited to work with you as a partner because it will give a very good boost to your company. In this option, I will work for you for a Month as a “Trial Month” and grow your business. Where we’ll discuss your company in our social presence every week. We also prove you one banner, Tutorial & exclusive review along with 100% complete beginner’s guide. Give a very high value to your product and business.


In this section, Both of us will get the Profit.

One, You will:-

1. Grow Business which will generate More $Sales$.

2. Get Popularity of your Business.

3. Get Social Media Sharing and much more

Two, I will:-

1. Get Money to Grow my Website.

2. Invest on Advertising the Review through Google Adwords.

Advertising Options:-

Every company/product have different requirements, here Blogger Play provides various option to advertise a product or service. We have a standard way to pick up advertisers and work with them, providing quality products for our readers. We are always looking for a long-term partnership so that our advertisers get 100% satisfaction by advertising on my blog.

We know that advertising without any engagement is a loss for you. Thus we guarantee you to provide lots of publisher and visitor engagement for your business after you involve in advertising partnership with us.

We try our best to bring profit to our advertisers. We also give you various option if you choose to partner with us for long term. Like placing ads banner, reviews, coupon and review, tutorial guide etc.

1. Banners



Banner Options


Top Header (Recommended) – 728×90 – (Displayed everywhere) – $80 – (1 out of 1 available)
Below Post Title – 468×60 (Displayed in posts only) – $65 – (1 out of 1 available)
Sidebar – 300×250 (Displayed everywhere) – $70 – (2 out of 2 available)
Below Post – 468×60 (Displayed in posts only) – $30 (2 out of 2 available)
Above Comments – 468×60 (Displayed above comments) – $20 (1 out of 1 available)
Below Comments – 468×60 (Displayed below comments section) – $20 (1 out of 1 available)
Footer – 125×125 (Displayed in footer area) – $10 (2 out of 2 available).

2. Sponsored Reviews

sponsored post

Another most trending advertising option is Sponsored Reviews and we also got to accept them here. Its simple, either publishers or advertisers need to review the product and write the sponsored post, but the product should be related to the blog niche so that advertisers can take full benefit of it. After preparing perfect sponsored post, advertisers also ask to put one or two do-follow links in the posts and then simply we publish it here.
There are some rules for sponsored posts, first the product should be related to blog niche so that it may not hurt the blog readers and secondly the price depends on the product that we can tell you after reviewing your product. I’ll post a Thumbnail jut like the above one. You can also read my Previous Reviews at

So what do You think!

3. Giveaway

This is the most awesome online thing to promote your product. We not only make a contest, but promote your product. Also it will go viral among our Fans and many more unique visitors. We have a standard fees of $10 per giveaway. Isn’t that interesting!

4. Startups Exclusive

Are you starting a new company? I can boost up your company popularity. You can offer me sponsored post, where I will provide you very high quality article for your company. As I am StartUp lover, I’ll give you with a 50% Discount on all the above advertising options

5. Payment Process

This is Simple, you can just pay me with your Paypal Email or Bank Deposit or anywhere you like.

So, What are you thinking. Submit your Order Now

Thanks! Have a Nice Day

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